About Me

I use "Free Blogger template" as my nick name because all template that i made will be free to all blogspot user. I'm a bad template designer, but good in CSS. So, i will convert other templates like free wordpress theme, joomla template, css template, etc into blogger template.

Almost 2 years since this blog was created, I never introduce my self even my real name :P. Because of some requests, I starting to introduce my self. My name is Ray Herro. I am not a real programmer that work in a software development. since I knew about blogs, I learned about web programming manually for 1 year, especially the blogger template. I also studying about essay writing services that teached by my friend. But, I think writing an essay is more hard than writing css or HTML code :lol:. So I focuses on creating templates.

Blogging since 2007 using Blogger and fall in love with this blog platform. Why? because Blogger provides so much flexibility, as a free blog service. many people say, Blogger cannot be compared with wordpress in terms of design. No, it's wrong. Still lots of additional features that can be done with Blogspot and I Will show it.